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Quirks of the Russian Heart

This one's going to be something special - a lyrical, unrequited love story brimming with characters wildly passionate and more than a little kooky. Chekhov is the master of exposing that uniquely human ability to possess two powerful and contradictory feelings at exactly the same time. The result is equal parts romantic, hilarious and tragic, with heart-stopping moments of exquisite honesty. A vast, emotive masterpiece with music in its words, The Seagull demands one of the tightest acting ensembles in literary canon. Thankfully, we've got that covered. 



It’s tough to live up to your parents’ expectations, and tougher when your mom is a famous – and very critical – actress. Such is the plight of Arkadina’s son Konstantin as he tries to make his mark as a playwright, while holding on to Nina, the woman he loves. Artistic temperaments abound as Arkadina, her lover (the famous author, Trigorin) and the rest of the charismatic cast fall in and out of love and the limelight in this darkly funny comedy. 

Run time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one 20-minute intermission.

Voice & Text Coach Gigi Buffington
Costume Design Holly Payne
Scenic Design Nayna Ramey
Lighting Design Michael A. Peterson
Sound Design & Original Music Joe Cerqua
Stage Manager Sarah Deming-Henes*


Irina Nikolaevna Arkadina, an actress Tracy Michelle Arnold*
Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplev (Kostya), her son Christopher Sheard
Pyotr Nikolaevich Sorin, her brother Robert Spencer*
Nina Mikhaylovna Zarechnaya, a young girl, the daughter of a wealthy landowner Laura Rook*
Ilya Aphanasevich Shamraev, overseer of Sorin's estate James Pickering*
Polina Andreevna, his wife Colleen Madden*
Mariya Ilinichna (Masha), his daughter Anne E. Thompson
Boris Alekseevich Trigorin, a writer Jim DeVita*
Evgeny Sergeevich Dorn, a doctor James Ridge*
Semyon Semyonovich Medvedenko, a schoolteacher Tim Gittings
Yakov, a workman Cordell Cole
Accordian player Sergei Belkin
Violist / Cook Nick Ehlinger
Guitarist Jake Penner

* Member of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers
** Member of Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, an Independent Labor Union
Member of United Scenic Artists

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The Seagull - Director's Notes

Directing The Seagull has been a remarkable journey. To work on this play of love, longing, selfishness, art and tragedy by one of the great writers of all time is pleasure enough. Then to develop this story with such a dedicated ensemble, in a paradisiacal setting which directly echoes the beautiful country estate in which this story is set, has been a gift that has enhanced our collective artistic pursuit.

What I find remarkable about Chekhov and The Seagull is that this doctor-turned-writer sees us as we are: our desire, our folly, our yearning, our neuroses and our strength. He presents us with great compassion but no mercy. He holds us in life’s mystery and gives us back to ourselves. The opportunity to share ourselves so fully and vulnerably, to ache for and laugh at ourselves and to allow this exchange to broaden our human horizon is the reason this dream of a play has made the journey over oceans, through history, up the Hill and into your heart.

- John Langs