The Backstage Series

The Backstage Series

Hear from the Experts

Saturdays July 9 & Sept. 18| $5.00 | Free with APT Insider's Card

Inside intel on how APT operates from the folks who make it all happen.

Saturday, July 9 at 12 pm: Crafting the Season
Meet Becky Hanson, APT's Craft Supervisor. What are crafts, in theater parlance? Things like shoes, jewelry, sword belts, and other bits and pieces that don't quite go in the costume world or in the prop world. Becky has made lizard skin for Edward Albee's Seascape, braces for Richard III and everything in between.

Sunday, September 18 at 4 pm: Mission Control: Stage Managers Make It all Happen
APT would be nowhere without its amazing crew of stage managers. From preparing the script, to creating the schedule, to running the show during performance, stage managers are the heart of any production. Yet few people really understand how important and essential they are. Join Production Stage Manager Evelyn Matten and 20-year APT veteran Stage Manager Jacki Singleton to learn how the show really goes on.

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General public on-sale date is May 2.