The Backstage Series

Backstage Talks

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Some of APT's most fascinating work goes on behind the scenes. Learn more about stagecraft, choreography and the machinations of APT.

Touchstone Changeover: Saturday, July 13 at Noon

Assistant Technical Director Doug Dion talks guests through a scenic changeover from Wolf at the Door to The Virgin Queen Entertains Her Fool in the Touchstone Theatre. Learn about the changeover process as our amazing Deck Crew does their thing. Guests will meet at the APT Box Office and head to the Touchstone together. 

The Power of Props: Sunday, July 14 at 4 pm

Properties Director Nathan Stuber welcomes guests into the Props Shop to get a backstage look into the goings on of what goes on stage. Guests will meet at the APT Box Office and head to Bravo together.

Choreography Chat: Saturday, August 10 at Noon
Frequent APT collaborator and Children's Theatre of Madison Artistic Director Brian Cowing joins us in John's Place to discuss how dance and movement tell stories on stage.