18 September, 2023
Area Spotlight: Fall Art Tour 2023

The countdown is on for the 30th annual Fall Art Tour! Explore the arts of the Driftless region in this seasonal favorite by stopping by as many artist studios and shops as possible throughout Baraboo, Mineral Point, Dodgeville and Spring Green!

12 September, 2023
Area Spotlights: Savor the River Valley (Fall Edition!)

The official start of the fall season might be a little over a week away, but we're running some special, fall editions of our Area Spotlight series to get you excited about autumn at APT! This week, we explore the festive flavors of Savor the River Valley as they share more about upcoming events in the area.

7 September, 2023
Deaf actors make this 'Romeo & Juliet' a truly bilingual love story

Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | September 7, 2023

29 August, 2023
Ask an Apprentice: Erin Mendez Stapleton

Last, but certainly not least, in our 2023 Ask an Apprentice series is the dazzling Erin Mendez Stapleton. A sweet epilogue to the 2023 apprentice interviews with several full-circle moments sure to warm the hearts of all dreamers everywhere. Read on for more!

28 August, 2023
The 1910 Boxing Match that Changed America

Dr. Alvin Thomas, Black Fatherhood Podcast with Dr. Alvin Thomas | August 28, 2023

23 August, 2023
Review: 'Romeo and Juliet' is given fresh angle at American Players Theatre

By Gwendolyn Rice, Isthmus | August 23, 2023

22 August, 2023
Review: APT’s honest, moving ‘Mala’ takes good care

By Lindsay Christians | The Capital Times | August 21, 2023

21 August, 2023
Review: APT's remarkable 'Romeo and Juliet' demands attention

By Lindsay Christians | The Capital Times | August 21, 2023

21 August, 2023
Ask an Apprentice: Andrew Oppmann

In this week's "Ask an Apprentice," we're checking in with apprentice and assistant director Andrew Oppmann on how his summer up the Hill has been going! Join us to learn more about Andrew, what it's like to spend a summer at APT while wedding planning and so much more!