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APT has several sponsorships that directly support specific programs within the organization and offer unique recognition opportunities. For more information on any of the sponsorships, please contact Beatrice Kuenn at 608-588-9209.

Season Sponsor

This sponsorship supports the 115 performances staged at APT and gives the greatest visibility. Your logo will appear in a pre-season newspaper ad, on the APT website, on a display in the theater lobby, and in the season brochure (circ. 120,000). Season sponsors also receive 10 pre-show “thank you” announcements throughout the summer, a half page ad in the playbill, 20 complimentary tickets, a picnic tent and speaker for your group and special pricing for employees/clients for selected dates.

2021 Season Sponsors

Education Program Sponsor

As a Major Education Sponsor, you will serve a dual need: supporting APT and supporting the region’s schools. Through our Student Matinee Series, each year more than 670 teachers and 16,000 students see an APT performance, and many also receive workshops in their own classroom. Recognition includes a playbill ad, prominent logo recognition on the "Exploring the Classics" page of the playbill and on the educator newsletter, APTeacher. Sponsors also receive pre-show “thank you” announcements at Student Matinees, 10 complimentary tickets and special pricing for employees/clients for selected dates.

Costume Sponsor

This sponsorship underwrites the scores of costumes that appear on the APT stage each year. Everything the actors wear - from corsets to suits of armor, from wigs to bucket-top boots - is conceived by our costume designers and either pulled from stock, rented from other theaters, or built from scratch by our costume staff of 40 talented people. As an underwriter of this great creative process, sponsors receive recognition in the playbill and on a costume display in the lobby up the Hill; a tour of the costume shop; and eight complimentary tickets.

Core Company Sponsor

Sponsors provide support to ensure that APT’s Core Company remains strong and that the work on stage is second to none. Recognition will appear on the "About the Core Company" page of the playbill and on a core company display in the lobby up the hill. Sponsors are invited to attend an exclusive event with the core company; provided special pricing for their employees on select dates; and receive eight complimentary tickets.

Acting Apprentice Sponsor

This program underwrites the academy for young actors to learn APT’s aesthetic and begin their grooming for inclusion in our Core Company. Sponsors receive recognition in our playbill, a picnic dinner with the Apprentices; an invitation to the Apprentice showcase and six complimentary tickets.

Stagecraft Apprentice Sponsor

Taking a page from our successful Actor Apprentice Program, we are anxious to expand our reach to young stage technicians and stage managers through our Stagecraft Apprentice Program. Apprentices will spend their summer working in one of three areas: stage management, costume production or technical production and each apprentice is guaranteed an experience that mirrors the type of work expected of a young professional. Sponsors receive playbill recognition, an opportunity to meet with the apprentices and their mentors and four complimentary tickets.

Potency of Poetry Sponsor

Imagine the creative sparks that would fly in a classroom led by an APT actor talking about the power of language. That is exactly what happens during our Potency of Poetry educational residency. During our off-season, APT actors travel the state, bringing this acclaimed program to middle school and high school students. Your sponsorship underwrites this week-long program in a school, helping hundreds of students get “turned on” to the power and potency of words. Who knows. . . you could help nurture our next Shakespeare, Shaw, or Williams!

Matinee Mentor

Each September, more than 600 teachers and as many as 12,000 students travel to Spring Green for specially scheduled morning performances. Nearly a third of these students also receive in-classroom actor workshops to enhance their experience. As a “Mentor”, you will provide dual support – making Shakespeare accessible to young people while contributing to APT. In return, you will receive a sign in the lobby on your appointed “matinee performance” and four complimentary tickets to a student matinee of your choice. You are also welcome to attend one of our in-classroom workshops or one of our Potency of Poetry workshops.

Green Sponsor

The Green Sponsorship is an effort to bring together like-minded individuals who are passionate about ensuring that our 110 acre woods are cared for through activities such as prescribed burns, the purchase of native plants and seeds, invasive species control, equipment purchase and rental, and general building and grounds maintenance. Sponsors receive recognition in our playbill, a picnic and nature-walk tour with one of our grounds specialists and four complimentary tickets.