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The Art of Afterlife

The last time APT took on a Greek, it was named Production of the Year by The Wall Street Journal. Alcestis revisits that extraordinary conflux of 5th and 20th Century poetry, as David Frank concludes his tenure with this play, hand-selected to be his last as Producing Artistic Director. Themes loom large here. Life and Death. God and Family. Friendship and Grief. But in the end, it's uncompromising love that makes the miracles. Regardless of whether you think the Greeks are your thing, these words from these players will spellbind in ways not soon forgotten.


Apollo has sweet-talked the Fates into giving King Admetus a life extension. But dealing with gods can be backhanded business, and the fine print demands a sacrifice. Now time’s up, and there’s but one volunteer: Admetus’ beloved Queen. But just when you start to think those Greeks had completely lost their sense of humor, enter Heracles, riding a wave of grand ego, drunken ribaldry and, of all things, a flaming vulture. But he may be just the guy to confront that one thing feared by gods and humans alike: the unknown.

Costume Design Robert Morgan
Scenic Design Nathan Stuber
Lighting Design Noele Stollmack
Sound Design & Original Music Josh Schmidt
Stage Manager Evelyn Matten*


Apollo/Heracles David Daniel*
Death/Chorus/Prometheus Brian Mani*
Chorus/Lichas Tim Gittings
Chorus/Vulture Colleen Madden*
Chorus/Pheres James Ridge*
Maid/Chorus/Servant Cristina Panfilio*
Chorus/Servant Anne E. Thompson
Chorus/Servant/God Brendan Meyer
Alcestis/Chorus/Servant Melisa Pereyra*
Admetos Marcus Truschinski*

* Member of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers
** Member of Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, an Independent Labor Union
Member of United Scenic Artists

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