Professional Development Program

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Imagine your team at work has just met, yet you communicate with ease and authenticity. You boldly bring your personal strengths to the table, yet are able to jump in and collaborate on a high level. As you work together, you develop trust, navigate conflict, and begin to build meaningful connections with clients and stakeholders.  

What's the secret? The answer might surprise you. 

APT's Professional Development Program uses philosophy and skills drawn from theater practice. In theater, emotional intelligence and presentation skills are used every day. Actors tell vibrant stories with authenticity, adaptability, and a true connection to their audience. 

These tools are vital to effective workplace communication, and can transform the way your team collaborates. This training will bolster your bravery, enhance your awareness and inspire you to engage more effectively with your peers, community and business partners. Most of all, it can be a powerful advantage for your business. 

The Approach
The process begins with a free 30-minute needs assessment with Kelsey Brennan, APT's Director of Professional Development Program and a member of APT's nationally recognized Core Acting Company. Kelsey will work with you to determine what your team needs and how APT's process can help. A detailed proposal is available upon request.

For pricing, more information, or to schedule a FREE needs assessment for your workplace, email Kelsey Brennan at [email protected]

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