Ides of March Madness 2023

Posted March 15, 2023

Ides 2023 Web 05

Don't beware the Ides of March, play the Ides of March Madness!

It's time to play Ides of March Madness! This season, we pit "heroes" against "villains" - as much as we can, since humanity and Shakespeare's plays have a lot of gray areas, and leave room for a lot of forgiveness.

To Play

1. Download the 2023 Bracket

2. Fill in your bracket

3. Screenshot or save your filled bracket*

4. Share and tag APT

5. Visit our Facebook page and Instagram story Monday-Friday to move your favorite...or least favorite to the next round!

*PDFs can not be shared on Facebook, but you can save PDFs as JPEGS in Adobe Acrobat or Take a Screenshot of your bracket. Don't forget to tag us @AmericanPlayers

2023 Ides of March Madness Bracket