The Road Back: We're Getting There

Posted February 15, 2023 By Sara Young


Managing Director, Sara Young, with an update on the upcoming season.

We’re getting there.

It’s far enough past the winter solstice that you actually notice the days are longer. In less than a month we’ll be going back to Daylight Savings Time (they haven’t gotten rid of that yet, have they?), and then the very next day comes the real harbinger of spring: APT tickets go on sale to returning ticket buyers. Before you know it, Summer will be here and with it, APT’s 44th season.

We’re getting there.

Designers and directors have been meeting for months – planning how they’ll tell their stories this season. Those plans are starting to come to fruition with designs being turned in to the production shops who will then figure out how to make them a reality. In mid-March, dozens of production folks – directors, designers, artisans and production staff – will come together for three days at APT for the annual Design Conference. More than 100 meetings will take place during that time – meetings to finalize props, to look through costumes in storage that might be of use, meetings to discuss strategy with our voice and text coaches – so many meetings. Most exciting this year is that many of these meetings will be in person for the first time since 2020 when we scrambled to switch to a virtual design conference because of this new coronavirus that was going around.

Meanwhile, Artistic Director Brenda DeVita and Associate Artistic Director Carey Cannon are working hard to finish up casting. The process is never a straight line from start to finish, and the unexpected always happens. But Brenda and Carey always work their magic, and year after year I’m amazed by our acting company. I know this year will be no different. You can look forward to seeing most of the Core Acting Company this season (with the exception of Melisa Pereyra who is working on Broadway, along with several other familiar faces. You’ll also meet some amazing actors who haven’t been on our stages before.

We’re preparing behind the scenes too. A much-improved APT parking lot will greet you this season, the Hill Theatre shop is getting a facelift, and the Book of Summer is at the printer.

I look forward to bringing your more news of the Road Back to the APT season as we get closer and the days get longer. Until then, keep dreaming of Summer.