Quick Chat: Andy Truschinski

Posted February 14, 2023

Andy Quick Chat1

Andy Truschinski is no stranger to American Players Theatre, which makes us all the more excited to welcome him back, this time in the role of APT's Company Manager. In this week's Quick Chat, we're talking about Andy's world travel, what he's looking forward to most about being back in Spring Green and who from Shakespeare's canon would make the best dinner party companion.

APT: Hi, Andy! Welcome to Quick Chats! How has your first month back at APT been?
ANDY TRUSCHINSKI: It’s been crazy because everything is both exactly the same and completely different at the same time since I was last here in 2009. I’ve been loving getting reacquainted with everyone though!

APT: For folks who may not know, can you tell us a little about your journey since the last time we saw you here at American Players Theatre?
ANDY TRUSCHINSKI: Life has taken me all over the world. Literally! I’ve gone as far as Vancouver, Tokay and South Sudan in Africa, to name a few! Before that, though, I continued on my acting journey for quite some time until I felt a shift in me that led me to coordinating, filmmaking, writing, directing… all sorts of things!

APT: Company Manager is a big job and not for the faint of heart! Can you tell us more about what your position entails and how you’re preparing for the upcoming season?
Basically I like to look at it through the phrase, “foster the community.” Whatever I do, I want to make sure that I’m always considering the community, not just within the context of APT, but also the greater Spring Green/River Valley communities. There are a lot of moving parts that I’m always on top of, but I believe that’s the best way to sum it up.

APT: You are already very aware of how dreary the winters in Wisconsin can be this time of year. What are you most looking forward to this summer now that you’re back in the Spring Green area?
ANDY TRUSCHINSKI: Hey, I don’t mind staring out the window with my coffee at a fresh coat of snow! But when it comes the summer, I can’t wait to feel the energy of all these lovely people coming to town and the fresh burst of color from all the beautiful flowers.

APT: When not busy with work, what do you like to do in your free time?
ANDY TRUSCHINSKI: I love to write, especially screenplays. I’m a huge sports buff, mainly the Green Bay Packers and New York City Football Club in the MLS.

APT: Here's your Wild Card Question! If you could invite three Shakespeare characters to a dinner party you're hosting, who would they be and what would you cook?
ANDY TRUSCHINSKI: You gotta mix this up for ultimate coverage here. I’ll try to be as random as possible too, for the Shakespeare buffs out there; but no promises. Here goes:

  1. In Henry V, there is a character named Williams who is completely honest, intelligent and brave with a disguised Henry. It’s always good to have someone solid like that around.

  2. Portia in Merchant of Venice because that mind is incredible! You know you could talk with Portia about anything at all for hours. I think she could possibly be the most clever character in the canon!

  3. Okay, maybe a little obvious here, but Feste will be able to provide whatever you need for atmosphere, from advice to a beautiful song, Feste’s got you covered.

APT: Anything else you’d like to share?

ANDY TRUSCHINSKI: I’m just happy to be here 🙂