Quick Chats: De'Anthony Jackson

Posted September 9, 2022

De Anthony

This week on Quick Chats we're delighted to be joined by De'Anthony Jackson, one of our fabulous Travis Youngers in A Raisin in the Sun! Learn more about some of De'Anthony's favorite summer memories, future goals, and what he'd do with his own $10,000 check. Read on for more!

APT: Hi, De’Anthony! Welcome to Quick Chats! How has the summer been going so far?
De'Anthony Jackson: It’s been going good! Definitely a different kind of summer, but I have managed to fit friends in when I didn't have rehearsals or performances!

APT: It’s been awesome to see you perform up the hill this season in A Raisin in the Sun! What’s your favorite part of playing the role of Travis Younger?
De'Anthony Jackson: The role of Travis challenges me as an upcoming actor and it's cool I get to see what it was like back in the day.

APT: Do you have any favorite memories from the rehearsal process?
De'Anthony Jackson: It would be when I made a handshake with Charence!!

APT: So now that you’ve made your APT debut, what other goals and aspirations do you want to accomplish?
De'Anthony Jackson: I would like to become a famous actor and help my family members achieve their goals, too.

APT: Okay, final question! What would you do if you received $10,000 and could spend it on anything you’d like?
De'Anthony Jackson: I would give it to my mom because I'm not good with big sums of money and I know my mom would use it for my college or needs for the family.

APT: Anything else you'd like to share?
De'Anthony Jackson: I would like to thank all APT staff and actors; I'm gonna miss everyone when it's over.