Quick Chats: Patty Heaston

Posted September 20, 2022


Get ready to meet one of the newest members of the APT team this week on Quick Chats! We're thrilled to welcome Patty Heaston, our new Communications Coordinator! Join us as we chat about the position, APT, and exactly what scary movies we should all be adding to our watch list this fall. Read on for more!

APT: Hey, Patty! Welcome to Quick Chats! How has your first few weeks been here at APT?
Patty Heaston: These first weeks have been really good!! It’s been amazing meeting the APT family and seeing the property from the perspective of an employee. After being separated from people during the pandemic - it’s been really great being welcomed so warmly by people so passionate about the work that they do.

APT: Can you share a little bit about your career journey and what brings you to APT?
Patty Heaston: Wow - ok I’ve tried to write this answer like 3 times. :-) Seems like I have been fortunate enough to have had some great “stops” on my journey here. I always say my background is in Early Childhood Education, which I think prepared me for every position that I have ever had. I’ve gotten to interact with so many types of people and have been fortunate to have been able to have worked in a variety of settings. Some highlights have been voice casting at commercial recording studio, staging new product launches for 2 worldwide companies and working in new home building.

APT: As our Communications Coordinator, what are you looking forward to most in this position?
Patty Heaston: I’m looking forward to further defining this new position and what it can bring to the APT team. I’m also really excited about having the opportunity to see more of the incredible performances.

APT: What are four words that best describe you?
Patty Heaston: If I’M describing myself? Loud, funny, caring, thoughtful!

APT: When not working, what’s something you love to do?
Patty Heaston: I love camping and kayaking - don’t do it, enough though!
I am OBSESSED with BTS - the Korean group (like...OBSESSED!)

APT: It's the first day of fall! What are your favorite scary movies to watch around Halloween?
Patty Heaston:
Oooo!!! 1) The Descent (UK version) 2) Event Horizon 3) I reserve the right to leave this space open for rotating movies :-)

APT: Anything else you'd like to add?
Patty Heaston: Thanks to Jess Amend for thinking I would make a good addition to APT.

Also I have the 2 best cats that got me through the pandemic. Of course I would like to show you the photo series I took of Julio the Cat when he was napping…it’s a 72 pic series. :-)