Shop Talk: Wig & Makeup Director Becky Scott

Posted April 28, 2020

Wig & Makeup Director Becky Scott took some time to chat with APT about her work, her interests and her newest co-worker, Penelope (you can see more of Penelope in the video, below). 

APT: Can you tell us a little about what the Director of Wigs & Makeup does (in normal times)?  
Becky Scott: As the head of the department, I work with the costume designers and help them figure out the needs for each show in terms of hair and makeup. I then work out how we're going to go about creating each look with my very talented team and assign who builds what. I work with my Wig Crew Lead and her assistant on who runs which show, who gets a haircut and how it needs to be cut to work with multiple shows, which actors have anything in terms of special makeup and go over each look for each actor in every show. I also head up the purchasing of all our supplies- from hair to wig building materials to make up to gallons of blood (Thanks Macbeth!). I attend all production meetings, many costume fittings and dress rehearsals as needed. 

APT: What are some of the best things about your job?  
I love that my job is a super creative one. I get to work with my hands and create something that helps tell the story that we are all trying to tell. I love figuring out how we're going to make something that a costume designer dreamed up possible. I love when an actor tells me that the wig we created just made his or her character complete. I love when I hear an audience member say to an actor "I had no idea you were wearing a wig!" It all means I did my job.

APT: How are you keeping busy while staying at home? 
Honestly, the first two weeks I did NOTHING. And it was glorious! I moved to Chicago almost three years ago and I take very little time off during the year. This year, starting in January, I designed five shows in three states in less than two and a half months. So, when the world came to a screeching halt, I took advantage of that stoppage and slept and watched ridiculous things on Hulu and Netflix and caught up with friends and family. Since then, I've been working on projects that had been put aside for lack of time-making my workspace a little more user friendly was a big one. I've also started drawing again, I'm reading a little more and I'm still keeping up with my friends and family. I'm also starting to work on the upcoming APT season from my home. Most of my work is pretty portable so I'm lucky in that respect.

APT: Can you tell us a little about your co-worker, Penelope?
Becky: Penelope is the Manager and Head of HR for Rebecca A Scott Designs, LLC. She is also my cat. She was rescued at about the age of three from a horrible hoarding situation in North Carolina (she was one of 120 cats in a home) back in 2015 and I adopted her that December. As the Manager and Head of HR, I go to her with my complaints about my co-workers (which are me) and my work load (which is my fault) and the lack of decent snacks (me again) and she usually doesn't bother to wake up to even acknowledge me. She's not great at her job but she sure is cute! Her likes are canned cat food, catnip, Delectables Meat Treats (which are vile) and sleeping. Her dislikes are being picked up, crunchy treats and car rides. She has her own Instagram @penelopevsFoodLady - you can guess how I fit into that.

Shop Talk Video: Becky Scott, Director of Wigs & Makeup