Review: Two actors play 15 different characters in ‘Stones in His Pockets’

Posted November 18, 2022


By Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine

If theater had its own version of the Summer Olympics, performing in a show like playwright Marie Jones’ “Stones in His Pockets” would be the equivalent in competing in the decathlon. This two-hander requires its actors — in the case of American Players Theatre’s current shoulder season production, Marcus Truschinski and Nate Burger — to play 15 different characters between them, without a single break or costume change. This is the kind of play that, in the wrong hands, can test an actors’ acumen and an audience’s focus.

Truschinski and Burger play Jake and Charlie, a pair of Irish drifters who’ve caught on as extras in an American film being produced in their town (“The arsehole of County Kerry”). For 40 quid per day, they get to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars and get a glimpse of the kind of life they’ve dreamed of having.

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