Review: APT's 'Raisin in the Sun' is a portrait of resilience

Posted August 15, 2022


By Lindsay Christians, The Cap Times

Two years ago, we re-met our homes. Stuck inside with Netflix and sourdough starter, I personally got reacquainted with our stained rugs and broken blinds, the cat-scratched couch and single, tiny bathroom. Where the toilet rocks. And we need to re-grout.

Gratitude for a safe place to shelter can shift so quickly into restlessness, irritation and resentment. It’s the easiest thing to love and hate a place at the same time.

Shove that feeling down, apply pressure and amplify it, and this is what erupts from “A Raisin in the Sun’s” Ruth Younger when she learns her family can finally move.

“PRAISE GOD!” she shouts. “I say it loud and good, HALLELUJAH!”

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