Review: Music and dance lift 'Love's Labour's Lost,' Shakespeare's rom-com

Posted August 22, 2022

LLL cap times

By Lindsay Christians, The Cap Times

Some plays are like couture. The gown is an iconic speech, or role, the actor must fit into, and the design — the script — is the essential thing.

If "Hamlet" is custom tailored fashion, the comedy “Love’s Labour’s Lost” is a mannequin. You need structure to hold everything up, but it’s all the extras you put on it that make it exciting.

Maybe this metaphor doesn’t fit (ha!) as well as I’d like, but it’s how I’ve been thinking of “Love’s Labour’s,” directed by Brenda DeVita and now in the shortest run of the summer at American Players Theatre. The play opened Saturday in the Hill Theatre and closes Oct. 2.

“Love’s Labour's” is a weird little play. It was an early one for Shakespeare (1598), with four young couples at the center and lots of goofy characters on the periphery.

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