Refill Your Emotional Tank at APT

Posted October 7, 2020

Tour Blog

There are just two more weekends left to join us for "If These Trees Could Talk." The upcoming weather looks beautiful, and, with so few of those weekends left, and so few safe entertainment options available to us, this is the perfect time to visit Spring Green. As one patron told us, "I loved the combination of prose, poetry and storytelling while walking in nature. It filled up my tank!"

In fact, we've heard from many people who've come to "If These Trees Could Talk." People who said "it scratched their APT itch." And many folks who referred to it as "indescribable." But honestly, we thought they did a pretty good job. So here's the low-down from the folks who've been there. Check out what they have to say, then check your calendar, pack your picnic and get your tickets here.

What's the Word?

About the Feeling of It All...

"It was beautiful, exquisite, funny, rejuvenating, humbling, joyous....My heart and soul felt fulfilled, and for a couple of hours I was happy and hopeful."

"'If These Trees Could Talk' was very beautiful and moving. This year has been uniquely trying and I'm so grateful to have been able to escape to APT at least once. Thank you so much for putting this together!"

"We left APT recharged with hope."

“It was so healing to be able to visit APT at least once this season and experience the sounds and words that make APT such a special place.”

About Their "Favorite Part"...

"It was hard to pick a "favorite" part. Being on the grounds was a treat. The content was great and hearing familiar voices was wonderful...Beautiful words spoken by beautiful people in a beautiful setting that is APT."

"The combination of words and woods, along with the lyrical voices of the actors resulted in an emotionally full and uplifting experience."

About Being Back at APT…

"We were there one glorious fall day with the trees talking with the breeze. We completed the trails and ended up going to the theatre and were completely surprised how, sitting there and hearing ourselves and others laughing and at times actually tearing up over how much we enjoyed hearing the memories."

About the Nature...

"Walking through the woods and listening to the poetry and readings was a beautiful, calming experience. Going at our own pace, where at times, we stopped to enjoy just the reading or an especially beautiful part of the woods was perfect."

"Hearing a whip-poor-will as soon as we arrived felt like the APT experience was ready and waiting for us."

"It was lovely walking the woods at night and simultaneously beautifully uplifting and heartbreaking to see the (empty) stage again."

About the Poetry…

"Loved the selection of poems- there was such a broad range in what you chose. Really felt like you had time to wander, explore, and sit with your experience. allowed for a meaningful personal exchange with the art and everything happening in nature. (The sound was well done too- the drumming, overlapping of voices, etc...)"

Beautiful experience. It warmed my soul. The choice of poems and the actors who recited them was very moving. I often found myself having a meditative moment. It was so healing to be able to visit APT at least once this season and experience the sounds and words that make APT such a special place.

"Really just a delightful experience! The poetry and reading selections were a perfect accompaniment to the walk."

About the Hill Theatre…

"The Hill theater portion was terrific - listening to the familiar voices, sitting in "our" seats in the theater was a nice way to spend an evening."

"I LOVED the stories in the Hill Theater -- that scratched my APT itch."

About Being a First-Timer at APT...

"This was my first time attending an event to APT and it was such a great experience. My husband was very pleased as well. He expressed he didn't know what to expect from an audio tour at first and by the end he was very happy we came. I cannot wait until things get better and we're able to attend a play."

"I had a wonderful time! I've never been to APT before but I loved the online series this summer and jumped at the chance to visit APT in a safe way. Thank you so much for all that you do!"