Quick Chats: Danny Martinez

Posted July 28, 2015

Welcome to our Quick Chat series where we'll dive into the lives and minds of some of APT's best. Each interview will supply insights ranging from the obviously relevant to the vaguely insane. Sounds fun, right? Today we're chatting with Danny Martinez, APT Acting Apprentice, currently performing in 'Merry Wives' and 'Streetcar.'

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Danny is a member of APT's Acting Apprenticeship program, geared towards young actors seeking to gain experience in a professional setting dedicated to language like that of APT. Apprentices are cast in small roles, understudy larger ones and attend classes taught by our Voice and Text staff, which focus on dense poetic text and help to ease the transition to our sizeable outdoor stage. At the end of the season they self-produce a project. With such a thriving acting career in Chicago, we feel lucky to have Danny here to play in the woods with us this summer.
And now, let's chat!

APT: So, Danny Martinez, a Chicagoan, it is your first year with APT - what brought you to this neck of the woods (ha...) and how's it been going?
Danny Martinez: I had been begging my agent for a few things for a while, one of which was "PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THE CITY...for just a bit." They encouraged me to give the APT generals a shot. I did. And here I am. Since coming out here I've had an absolute blast. Being in the apprentice program has been an awesome learning experience and a great recharge period. I'm ready to go back home with a new vigor, but would adore the chance to come back next year and beyond.

APT: Let's talk about Streetcar. What's Pablo Gonzalez's story and why on earth has he made friends with a hot head like Stanley?
DM: Pablo is a Mexican immigrant that found his way to citizenship through enlisting in the army. That is where he met Stanley and Mitch. The brotherhood formed between them during the Korean War is unbreakable, and the scars it left are there for us all. We understand each other and will stand by each other forever. That is why he finds compassion for Stanley, even after he is punched in the face (lol). But between us chickens, I think Pablo is actually closer to Mitch.

APT: You have a pretty diverse bio - stage acting, TV - what's the best role you've played so far?
DM: Playing Nini in Long Way Go Down [at Jackalope Theatre in Chicago] was a game changer for me. In that one performance I was able to tell a story that meant a lot to me and my family, play a character that was human (compassionate, brave, terrified, and cruel all at the same time), become a Jackalope company member, and work with my closest friends. It is by far the best experience I've had as an actor.

APT: What inspires you?
DM: This is a hard one. What inspires me?... The sun (for the beautiful light and life it brings the earth) my family (for my humility and morals) my best friend Sarah Bockel (my patron saint of ambition and drive) and my dog Harley (my reminder of responsibility and unconditional love).

APT: Would you rather have to moonwalk into every room you enter or have to carry a koala bear wherever you go on Tuesdays?
DM: Another doozy! Hahaha.... Can I chose both? I've always wanted to moonwalk (could never really pull it off) but I do lovelovelove Koala bears. SOOO CUUUTE!! Choices, choices...