Quick Chat: Development Director Amy Mueller

Posted August 16, 2018

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The Quick Chat series is where we dive into the life and times of APT's finest. Each interview will supply insights ranging from the obviously relevant to the vaguely strange. This week features APT's shiny new Development Director, Amy Mueller.

APT: How many Seasons (or weeks) have you been at APT? 

AMY: I am just starting in on my second week on staff at APT. I am officially on day #7 of my first season with APT. 

APT: Where are you from, where do you live now, and what path led you to APT?

AMY: I grew up in a suburb outside of Chicago called Crystal Lake. From there, I attended Northwestern University, earning an undergraduate degree in Theatre. After years of traveling and living in a lot of different places from New York City, to Glasgow, Scotland, I was fortunate to land full-time in Door County, WI. My husband and I have lived in Baileys Harbor for the past six years. During that time, I was working to advance a small outdoor theatre called Door Shakespeare and often looked to APT as a source of guidance and inspiration. I was working alone, managing both artistic and administrative operations of Door Shakespeare. There were many questions and challenges that I faced while rebuilding that company, but I always found answers and renewed energy from my yearly visits to APT. The time I spent at APT was always incredibly welcoming and the theatre became my artistic touchstone and ideal. I am so excited that my relationship with APT has evolved from that invaluable mentoring to now joining the ranks of the full-time year-round staff.

APT: What will you be doing at APT?

AMY: As a Development Director, I will be working with the development team to cultivate relationships with our incredibly generous donors and also work to grow that community. In my first week alone, I have enjoyed meeting many new faces and listening to why APT is so important to its audience as well as the cultural tradition of the region. It really is a privilege and I look forward to doing a lot of listening and learning in the coming weeks.   

APT: What has surprised you so far about either your new position or APT?

AMY: I consider myself familiar with the immense amount of work it takes to bring these powerful stories to life from my previous work with outdoor theaters. However, during my first tour of the entire APT property, I have to say I was jaw-dropped at the scale on which it all happens here. The quality of each production at APT is so outstanding that it might seem easy or effortless to create. But touring the facilities and meeting the incredible staff members dedicated to making APT such a special experience revealed the incredible amount of thoughtful skill put into every aspect of the company.

APT: What is something that you are looking forward to for the rest of the season?

AMY: I am so looking forward to becoming part of this community. My first few evenings meeting with donors, patrons and volunteers before the shows have been wonderful. Engaging in all of the activity that happens on the gorgeous APT property and connecting with everyone who makes it possible is a joy. 

APT: Why do you love coming to APT?

AMY: I love APT because it is so authentic. The culture established by APT is such a unique balance of talent, intellect, responsibility, and care for the stories told each season. I also love experiencing theatre in the elements. Being immersed in a story, under the stars, and in the woods is such an extraordinary, and also fundamental, way to experience theatre. And producing theatre outdoors is not for the faint of heart- onstage, offstage, or in the audience. It takes grit and heart, both of which APT exhibits in spades; and that, I love!

APT: What is something you’d like our audience to know about you?

AMY: One of the difficult parts about moving away from the Door County community, besides being further away from friends and family, was leaving the local handbell choir. Yes, I love ringing handbells. I always have. My mom has conducted handbell choirs since I was a kid and ringing is a treasured tradition in my family. If there are any openings in Spring Green area choirs, let me know. I brought my gloves and favorite pencil to mark music!

APT: How do you spend your time away from APT?

AMY: I very much enjoy an active lifestyle and love riding my bicycle, swimming, and doing yoga. I find getting outside to be the best way to make to-do lists and fuel up with new ideas. I also very much enjoy making and drinking coffee. For the skills I lack as a cook, I make up as a barista. 

APT: If you could jump into the world of any painting, what painting would it be?

AMY: Great question! I would definitely jump into Edgar Degas’ “Little Dancer” painting. I studied dance from a very young age and my senior recital included four variations based on the Degas dancer paintings. To me, the “Little Dancer” is so poised, eager, confident and vibrant; all very inspiring qualities.