Know Before You Go: FAQs about 'If These Trees Could Talk'

Posted September 22, 2020

We've received a lot of excited notes from folks who are heading to APT to experience "If These Trees Could Talk." Within those emails, there were some questions that came up often enough that we thought we ought to address them, including the difference between the Daylight and Starlight routes; Accessible Tours and Drive Ups; facilities and picnicking and more. 

Box Office Information:
For any of the options below that recommend you get in touch with the Box Office, that information is: 608-588-2361, The Box Office will be open starting at 2:00 pm on Fridays and 10:00 am Saturdays and Sundays, and will remain open until the last tour has departed.

Can I take the Starlight Path on the Daylight Tour?
Yes. For those who are looking for a little less walking, you’re welcome to detour to the Starlight Path, even on the Daylight Tour. The Daylight Tour is approximately a 2-mile walk, and the Starlight Tour is roughly half that distance.

Can I take the Daylight Path on the Starlight Tour?
Not all of the paths at APT are lighted, so daylight path will not be available on the Starlight Tours.

Who is a good match for the Accessible Tour?
For those who would not be comfortable walking 1 to 2 miles, the Accessible Tour offers you a chauffeured ride on a golf cart. This is a good option if you use a walker, are unsteady on your feet, have trouble walking on uneven surfaces or tire quickly. Please note: tickets for the Accessible Tour are limited to 2 per purchase. If you need assistance with your order, contact the Box Office.

Do I have any options if I can’t get on and off a golf cart?
Drive ups to the Hill Theatre are available for those who would not be comfortable on a golf cart. If you choose the drive up option, you will listen to the entire program in the Hill Theatre. Contact the Box Office to schedule a drive up time.

What do I do when I get there?
We recommend that you arrive 5 – 10 minutes early for your tour. After parking, head to the Box Office, where they’ll give you a map, your audio player and directions on where to go next.

What’s the deal with the restrooms?
The bathrooms next to the parking lot will be open, and sanitized regularly. The bathrooms in the Hill and Touchstone Theatres will not be open.

Will the picnic grounds be open?
Yes! You are welcome and encouraged to enjoy a picnic before or after your tour. The grills will not be operational, so pack your basket accordingly. If you want to carry out a picnic, check out the Dine, Shop, Explore page.

Will Gift Shops and Concessions be open?
The Shops at APT and concession stands will remain closed. Please bring water for your walk.

Can I listen at home?
Sorry, no. At this time, our agreements with the poets and actors only allow for the experience on APT property.

What if I forget my headphones?
Please bring headphones with a 3.5mm standard stereo audio cable (the size that plugs into a normal smart phone). We will have a limited number of headphones available for a recommended donation. Please note: the provided audio devices do not accommodate Bluetooth and do not have speakers, so each person will need headphones.

What are your COVID precautions?
We’ve taken a number of steps to make your visit to APT safe and enjoyable, including:

  • Limiting tours to 8 people.
  • Requiring patrons to be masked while on property and maintain social distance.
  • Sanitizing surfaces regularly, including the restrooms, audio players and benches.

Can I take my pet on the tour?
Sorry, this is a humans-only walking tour. Please leave your pets at home.