Jennifer Vosters rocks in 'Macbeth'

Posted July 16, 2019

Jennifer Vosters Stage Right

By Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine, July 16, 2019

Jennifer Vosters never expected to be spending her summer teaching Laura Rook how to speak peasant.

But there she is, playing Pimple, one of the bawdy house servants in American Players Theatre's production of "She Stoops to Conquer," helping Rook's plucky Kate Hardcastle befuddle the young noble Marlow with a little gutterspeak.

"This really is a place where dreams come true," Vosters jokes.

Vosters is part of APT's Apprentice Program, a long-running effort that gives aspiring actors the chance to spend time on and backstage, learning from members of APT's Core Company and technical staff. They also get to stage their own project at a special performance the end of the summer.

"I'm getting my butt kicked in the best possible way," Vosters says of the experience. "I'm really starting to feel the community aspect of this place."

Vosters, who hails from Brookfield, is also swinging swords as part of Macduff's retinue in APT's production of "Macbeth." She took a break to share some of her best stage stories.

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