Area Spotlights: Iron Amethyst Inn & The 2ONE Speakeasy

Posted April 26, 2022

Iorn Amethyst Spotlight Web

Meet some of our partners in the area who can help make your visit to APT even more magical! Iron Amethyst is a beautiful inn and speakeasy in Mazomanie. Read on for more!

Iron Amethyst Inn & the 2One Speakeasy
21 S State St, Mazomanie, WI 53560
(608) 401-1122 |

What should people know about Iron Amethyst Inn?
We have been married going on 28 years and throughout those years we stayed at many bed-and-breakfasts and traveled the US and Europe and with those experiences we came up with our Bed and Breakfast with our speakeasy and beer garden, which we opened in November 2019. Iron Amethyst Inn is not only a boutique bed-and-breakfast but also we have a Speakeasy, Beer Garden and Spa. We are open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays 4-10pm. When you stay with us it is a one of a kind experience. Every room has its own bathroom and whirlpool and you will be served a gourmet breakfast. We are located right on Black Earth Creek and have a beautiful outdoor beer garden with hammocks and lounge areas. Inside we have a 20s style Speakeasy and parlor with drinks and some appetizers. Customers love the unique experience and attention to detail. The spy-like feeling and delicious gourmet breakfast. Our Bed and breakfast is different than most. You get an experience as if you have walked back in time. Not just the decor in the 1865 Italianate mansion but also the ambience and 1920s style Speakeasy.

What does your business contribute to your community, and to visitors to APT?
In Mazomanie we are trying to revitalize the beautiful historic downtown and this business goes along with that goal. We have also purchased the Apothecary and Mercantile about a block and a half away in the historic downtown district. People that typically go to APT or spring green are pretty artsy, and they love the detail we put into this building and business. Also it is between Madison and Spring Green, which is right on the way for a lot of people.

How did you decide on the name Iron Amethyst?
The name we came up with is for my husband and me. I would be the Amethyst part of the business, and he would be the Iron part of the business. Also, Iron makes Amethyst it's purple color. Last I love crystals and Amethyst is one of my favorite.