Area Spotlights: Arthur's Supper Club

Posted May 25, 2022

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Meet some of our partners in the area who can help make your visit to APT even more magical. Arthur's Supper Club has been a Spring Green staple for more than 40 years. Learn more, and make Arthur's a stop on your Wisconsin supper club tour!

Arthur's Supper Club

HWY 14 & 23 Spring Green, WI 53588

(608) 588-2521 |

Tell us a little about Arthur's!
Arthur's Supper Club is a family owned and operated business. The Stoddards - Brian and Kris and their two boys Cole and Nick - purchased the business in October of 2021, and are excited to carry on a family tradition. The actual restaurant is named after Brian's uncle, Art Baryenbruch. Art started Arthur's back in 1976 - 1983. Now, year's later, and after the restaurant changed hands a few times, it is back in the family.

Arthur's Supper Club is known for it's amazing prime rib, steaks and seafood. Arthur's is managed and run by Kris, who you will see on a daily basis at the restaurant. Kris takes the supper club theme very seriously, and works hard at upholding the tradition that comes with owning a supper club. Things like, great Old Fashioneds, full salad bar with fresh local cheese clocks, and great food.

What is the history of your business?
Originally a truck stop, from 1946 - 1951 - at which time upgrades were done, and by 1956 it was called "The Truck-O-Tel." It had showers, bunk beds and a lounge with TV for the truckers. The lounge was then called "Black Watch Cocktail Lounge," and in 1968 it became a true supper club called Mr. D's Steakhouse. Then in 1976 Art Baryenbruch bought it and changed it to "Arthur's - The Place for Steaks." In 1983 the restaurant changed hands but was still known as Arthur's. In 1995, John and Mary Pat Kaul remodeled with a drive thru, large dance floor, and banquet hall.

What will customers enjoy most about your business?
Definitely the supper club atmosphere, starting with the open floor plan, fun bar atmosphere and of course a muddled Old Fashioned cocktail. Pair all this with great certified black angus beef, top choice prime rib, and some of the freshest seafood served, including freshwater Alaskan lobster. Arthur's also has a full soup and salad bar. End out your dining experience with a hand muddled ice cream drink - pink squirrel, golden cadillac or a grasshopper. Don't forget the traditional Friday Night Fish Fry. Expect to meet new friends and stay for a while, there is nothing fast-food about a supper club. Enjoy!

Tell us about how your business fits into and/or enhances your community.
The supper club name alone speaks for itself. There is quite a following with guests who follow a trail of supper clubs all throughout Wisconsin. Some come with books for signing, the WI Supper Club Enthusiasts will come with an orange cone that they present on their table, proudly showing that they are a true supper club patron. But overall, supper clubs are a big draw for any area - they alone carry a history of fun dining, great food, and a family/local vibe. Check one out in your area!

Why is your business a good fit specifically for people visiting APT or Spring Green?
We always tell people we are the fourth attraction to Spring Green. With APT, Taliesin, and House on the Rock, what better way to spend some down time than at a true supper club? Also, after being the chamber of commerce director for 8 years, I still love to talk up Spring Green and the surrounding areas. I love talking tourism. My servers will come get me when people want to hear about our area, I will fill them in on everything I know. People love it! I also try to educate my staff on the surrounding area, talk up what you have at your disposal. People appreciate a well-educated staff on what is available in their area. We have so much to offer people and being on the highway, we are the gateway to our community. We use that feature every day!

Anything else we should know?
We love what we do at the restaurant. We spend most of our time, 7 days a week working, even though we are only open 5 of those 7 days. There is a lot of planning, recipes to perfect, and food tasting going on. We are committed to serving the best quality food we can provide with homemade, no processed food. Stay tuned for more great things to come!