APTly Played: Scavenger Hunt

Posted April 8, 2020

Aptly Played Scavenger Hunt Web Heading 02

If you're one of those folks that gets sentimental about your APT ephemera, today is your lucky day. 

Pile up your spoils, take a photo and share it on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #APTScavengerHunt and tag @americanplayers. One random player will be selected to win a special gift from the APT Gift Shop!

The List: 

1. APT Ticket Stub
2. APT Playbill
3. A photo of you and your crew on our grounds
4. Your favorite souvenir
5. An APT-shirt (Extra point for a shirt from a specific play)
6. Bug spray. Or a bug.
7. Hat to shield the sun – (Extra point for APT hat)
8. Anything Shakespeare, be it book or bust
9. Picnic basket or your favorite picnic tote
10. A bear – gummy, stuffed or exeunt pursued by