American Players Theatre celebrates 40th Anniversary

Posted June 13, 2019

Wsj 40Th Story

By Claire Bitner, The Wisconsin State Journal

American Players Theatre is celebrating 40 years of theater in the woods. Forty years of Shakespeare, American classics, and audiences of thousands joining together under the stars on a hill outside Spring Green.

An engaged audience and the scenic hillside setting are the primary things that make American Players Theatre (APT) an unparalleled experience that now draws more than 110,000 people each season, said Sara Young, APT Communications Director.

The engagement of the audience is unique and something any visiting actors notice, she said.

“There is a curiosity there and a listening that is wonderful,” she said. “They are also just so loyal. They sit in the rain and the 100 degree heat … We call them hearty. They’re the Packer fans of theater!”

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