"Wisconsin Is..." at Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism

Posted March 20, 2024


About This Poem

APT Actor and Education Director David Daniel and APT Artistic Associate Alys Dickerson opened for Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts and Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism (WIGCOT) keynote speaker Dr. Maria Rosario Jackson. Together David and Alys curated and read a poem based on text messages sent to them by event attendees about Wisconsin.

Transcript of Poem

Wisconsin is…

Inviting, welcoming,

Excitingly beautiful, rich and full of love,

Diverse, the best state in the US!

Outdoor fun, a paradise for architecture enthusiasts,

An experience, lasting memory, nature's art.

Diverse with exciting opportunities,

Home, fabulous, beautiful cheesy home,

The future, home and family,

A large outdoor space, from farms to woodlands,

Entertainment to industry, family and fun.

Lakey, inviting, God’s Country, fishing joy,

Cheesy, full of amazing people, home of the Hodag,

Unique, fun, nice, genuine, and authentic,

Adventurous, scenic, friendly,

Unexpected, a naturally beautiful place welcoming to all.

A dining destination, great on two great lakes,

Delicious, hospitable, adventurous, colorful,

Adventure, a great place to visit, to live, and be outdoors,

Four seasons, large, full of good food,

About family, community, cheers, and beer.

A land of opportunity, warm, cold, big, bold,

Beer, brats, and the arts, diverse and welcoming,

Room, lots and lots of room, full of potential,

Water, woods, and fun, the very best of the Midwest,

Cheese, cheers, chores, home of the Packers, Go Pack!

Home of brats and custard, the craft brewers' scene,

A sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts,

Where friendliness blooms like wildflowers,

Cheese heaven, a beer drinker's paradise,

Ready for new tech, best beaches in the lakes,

Lumber and mining, the hidden gem everyone should know about,

Oh my gosh! Amazing, a great place to live, full of opportunity,

The place my parents raised me, home.