Spring Green Area Spotlight: The Slowpoke Lounge & Cabaret

Posted June 8, 2021

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Our inaugural Spring Green Spotlight features "The Slowpoke Lounge & Cabaret" in downtown Spring Green! Check out what this local staple is all about.

Slowpoke Lounge & Cabaret

137 W Jefferson St., Spring Green, WI, 53588
slowpokelounge.com |
[email protected]

Michael Broh, APT Production Manager and co-proprietor of the Slowpoke Lounge & Cabaret in Spring Green, along with his wife Stacy, talked to APT about his business, what makes it special and how it fits into the Spring Green scene.

Every lounge has a story. What's yours?

About three years ago, like many people in Spring Green, we visited a new place in Spring Green called The Jefferson. It had replaced the old Village Tavern, and was intended as home to the fledgling Two Crows Theatre Company and other events. While the Jefferson only lasted about one year, we saw a lot of promise in crowds hungry for music and theatre, as well as a true artist behind the bar and menu. We jumped at the chance to make some of the changes we thought could take the place to the next level, and renamed it Slowpoke Lounge & Cabaret, after our sincere admiration of the slowpokes of the world; those who take the time to relax, be in the moment, and prefer a slow stroll over a mad rush.

How does the Slowpoke fit into the Spring Green Scene?

At Slowpoke Lounge & Cabaret, we believe that music and theatre matter, and that life is a little better when we share them together. We have live music most weekends, sometimes from local rock bands or jazz ensembles, sometimes with world class touring performers. We also might surprise you with an open mic, a book event, or even a play or poetry reading. In the winter, we’re also home to our resident theatre: Two Crows Theatre Company. For those times when there isn’t a live performance, we have a few shelves of records to throw on the turntable. Like all taverns, we’re a place for community to gather, to drink, to eat, to chat. But we aspire to be more than that. We aspire to be a place not just where we spend time with old friends, but are always welcoming new ones.

What's unique about The Slowpoke?

You won’t find any TVs here, though there's no shortage of comfy couches to chill on. Playing music on the stereo is always free, because we all need more music in our lives. The music spreads out into our beer garden in the back and picnic tables out front. Sometimes folks jump on one of our pianos for some impromptu live music, but we also make opportunities for emerging artists to have their own show or play as part of an open mic. And we're the only place in town that not only has poetry on the shelves, but sometimes on the stage as well.