Spring Fever, and an Ode to APT

Posted March 19, 2018

By Average Joe

It’s that time of year when we’re all seriously (SERIOUSLY) sick of winter and looking for any harbingers of a (hopefully) beautiful Spring to come. 

Some think that the first sign of Spring is sighting the first robin. 

Some think it’s the start of Spring baseball, especially for those dreaming of a miracle Brewer 2018 season. 

Some think it’s the season opening of area golf courses, so that you can get out in your fleeces, wind pants, jackets, stocking caps and winter gloves and play poorly on a day you’d never even consider in the fall. (Note: If people are still ice skating and ice fishing, it’s too early for golf.) 

The TRUE, FIRST, HEARTWARMING sign of Spring is getting the new APT catalogue and getting your tickets for ALL the plays (YES, ALL) available to see during the 2018 season. The memories from the 2017 season are still so vivid, I can’t wait for the 2018 season to start. 

So, I am READY for that first play. Oh yeah, I’M READY! So ready, in fact, that I’ve composed a little musical ditty I’ve titled “Up The Hill….An Ode to APT." Hope you like it.

Average Joe