Spotlight: The Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce

Posted August 24, 2021

Mineral Point Chamber

Mineral Point is celebrating a landmark this year - 50 Years on the national historic registry! See why this quaint town has been a destination for so many decades in this week's Spotlight.

Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce

145 High Street, Mineral Point, WI 53565
608-987-3201 | [email protected]

Mineral Point is celebrating 50 years as Wisconsin’s First National Register Historic District. The city of Mineral Point was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, the first Wisconsin city to receive that designation.

As the third-oldest city in Wisconsin, Mineral Point’s rich history runs as deep as the veins of lead ore discovered here. Its history is laced with stories of mining and politics that shaped the region. Native American women first mined the easily accessible minerals in the 1600s to trade with French fur traders. In the 1800s, lead ore paid quick rewards to prospectors and the news of these rich deposits of lead reached Cornwall, England. These early immigrants brought with them advanced mining skills and expertise in stone building construction. Their legacy is reflected in a remarkable mid-19th century architecture found throughout the city today.

Following the 1849 California Gold Rush, Mineral Point fell into a state of depression. The discovery of zinc near the bottom of empty lead mines revived the community, as did the growth of agriculture.

In 1935, the preservation movement began with restoration of log houses on Shakerag Street. The site was named Pendarvis. Preservation developed on a larger scale in the 1960s and 70s when artists, craftspeople and preservationists began restoring more historic buildings.

Today, Mineral Point is a quintessential historic Wisconsin town, with a charming downtown district, where visitors enjoy cultural events, artist studios, specialty shops, antique stores, and historic sites and architecture that has been deemed reminiscent of a Cornish village. Outdoor enthusiasts find excitement and beauty among the hiking, biking and ATV trails traversing the driftless landscape.

Take time to explore Mineral Point. Historic buildings are treasured here. Many have been renovated to accommodate modern uses while still preserving the Cornish heritage. Stroll downtown or take a leisurely drive around to soak in the charm of the 19th century architecture, built by early residents and restored by modern craftsmen.

Allow plenty of time to shop and visit with local artisans and makers who have been molding a creative community here for decades. Seek out award-winning cheeses, locally grown produce and restaurants offering delicious food to nourish the soul. Find respite in a modern hotel or cozy up in a century-old guest house at the end of the day.

You are invited to stay awhile in Mineral Point and enjoy the Midwestern hospitality.