Six Feet Apart: Melisa Pereyra

Posted October 14, 2020

Melisa 6 Feet Website

Conversations with APT's Core Company on Brenda DeVita's porch. This week, Melisa Pereyra.

Core Company Actor Melisa Pereyra joins Brenda for a chat on the porch. Celebrating her eighth year with APT, Melisa was creative lead on "If These Trees Could Talk" (closing this weekend. Don't miss it!), and is an avid student of language and story. Find out more about her art, her efforts to make APT a more inclusive community, and her hopes for her work and the world going forward in this latest edition of "Six Feet Apart."

We had a minor audio glitch during this interview, but we don't expect it to affect your experience. But just so you know - it's not you, it's us.