Shop Talk: Players Extra Field Report

Posted June 2, 2020

Flowers Rev

APT's Technical Director "Willie Doowell" reports on flourishing flora and fauna on the APT grounds. As they say, when the people are away, the snakes will play. Or something like that. 

Player’s Extra Field Report

Spring 2020

What’s In This Issue?
- Early Spring Migration (Ooohh!! What are they wearing?)
- Nay’thin Stoober- Senior Correspondent (Snakes! Snakes! Snakes)
- N. Reed Cockerelli-Special Update (Full Bloom)
- New and Notes

Early Spring Migration
The weather's heating up and so is the list of plumed visitors on this Spring Season’s runway. Don’t look now but is that an Indigo Bunting looking dazzling in iridescent blue? What about that Nashville Warbler? Thanks for poppin' bye Nashy. What Migration would be complete without the American Robin? Why he’s more boisterous then a Carpenter at last call. Topping the list, donned in colors that even David Taylor Mathias would think twice about putting on stage, was the Scarlett Tanager. Fabulous. Simply Fabulous!!

The list did not stop there. Here’s some of who else stopped by:

BlueHeaded Vireo                
American Goldfinch            
Eastern Bluebird             
Tennessee Warbler
Black and White Warbler    
Savannah Sparrow          
Song Sparrow
Tree Sparrow                        
Brown Thrasher               
Baltimore Oriole
Wood Duck                           
Northern Cardinal                 
Eastern Phoebe                
Barn Swallow
Blue/Grey Gnatcatcher        
Rufous Sided Towhee      
House Wren
Hairy Woodpecker              
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker    
Red Bellied Woodpecker 
Downy Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker        
Yellow Shafted Flicker          
Barred Owl                         
Turkey Vulture
House Finch                         
Rose breasted Grosbeak    
Red winged Blackbird       
Bronze Headed Cowbird

Snakes! Snakes! Snakes! 
Senior Correspondent, Nay’Thin Stoober reported seeing snakes near the Bravo Dumpster.  Player’s Extra dispatched intern Willie Doowell to investigate.  Sure enough, Snakes!!  Willie managed to wrangle most of them before sustaining non- life threatening injuries. The serpents are resting comfortable in a Bravo corner office.  Which one? I’m not tellin. Thanks for goin the extra mile Willie.

Full Bloom
Nature, Guru N. Reed Cockerelli has been busy. Reed took the time to chat with Player’s Extra about what’s in bloom at APT and reported on a rare bird siting. It was the beloved by audience and despised by actors, the Whippoorwill. Reed wouldn’t say where, sorry actors!  N. Reed also viewed an uncommon plant. Its and orchid.  Mums the word on where that one is located. Here is The Player’s Extra short list of what’s in bloom and what’s been heard and seen:

Smooth Solomon’s Seal 
False Solomon’s Seal
Hoary Puccoon
Bird’s Foot Violet
Yellow Hawkweed
Pussy Toes

American Toad 
Eastern Grey Tree Frog                                      

Bambi (Awwww!)
Fisher? (Maybe) 

News and Notes
Kudos to Jack Middleboro of our maintenance department. Jack thwarted a Starling infestation in the Touchstone Lobby. 

Stay safe. Keep your Eyes to the Sky! Miss You.
Bill D.