Review: 'Brothers Size' at APT finds that freedom is fragile

Posted July 16, 2022

The Brothers Size 7

By Lindsay Christians, The Cap Times

At the start of “The Brothers Size,” three shirtless actors move steadily and rhythmically toward the stage, stomping on the stairs from three separate directions.

They pause as the music changes and lights shift, illuminating each man from above. This is Ogun Size, older brother. Oshoosi Size, younger brother. And Elegba. He’s ... a friend.

As cast for American Players Theatre’s insightful new production by director Gavin Lawrence, Ogun and Oshoosi appear close in age. Before they smile or speak — before one gaze hardens and the other melts into earnestness — it would be possible for either actor to play either role.

Not Elegba, though. Elegba’s canny, a trickster. As embodied by Nathan Barlow, the impishness in his mouth and sly cant of his gaze hint at mischief just beneath the surface, before he says a single word.

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