Review: APT's flirty play 'The Liar' is full of gleeful comic fire

Posted July 26, 2023


Lindsay Christians, The Cap Times

Way back in June, we tried to see “The Liar.”

One show was stopped by rain, the next by fire.

At last, this week, the drizzly wet and smoke

Had cleared, so that Corneille could tell a joke.

Truth within fiction: these guys will tell lies

(And there’s always some friction when acting outside)

Writing in rhyme after seeing a play in verse is like putting on an English accent after an episode of “The Great British Bake Off” — harder than it looks, and immediately annoying. In the spirit of honesty, “The Liar,” a farce running on the Hill at American Players Theatre through Sept. 29, can grate just a little. It’s so forcibly clever. Aggressively gleeful?

But my goodness, do these actors have fun. I don’t much mind when it seems overdone.

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