Review: American Players Theatre Presents Hamlet - Distrust Echoes in the Walls

Posted July 11, 2022

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By Alexis Bugajski, Picture this Post

The weather has been working in American Players Theatre’s favor the past few weekends during shows. On this Saturday in particular, thunderstorms have just passed through the area leaving the air with a chill. The sky remains overcast as we venture into The Hill theatre. Standing before us on the stage are steel gates tightly closed. A walkway is suspended above the gates as two guards dressed in navy and silver uniforms patrol the perimeter. We can see their breath as they call to each other. It adds an extra touch of immersion as we feel we are in cold, dreary, Denmark for their production of Hamlet.

The chilly atmosphere makes us feel like we’re also part of this desolate landscape and forced monarchy. The gates are then opened wide, and the full royal court enters. Though their costumes designed by Daniele Tyler Mathews are not from any particular time period, they are crisp and stately in muted, but colorful, shades.

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