Review: American Players Theatre asks how and why with 'Once Upon a Bridge'

Posted July 20, 2023


Gwendolyn Rice, Isthmus

In the aftermath of a tragic event, it’s natural to ask two questions: how and why? In the absence of any explanation or someone to hold accountable the questions persist, repeated ad nauseum by a sensational news cycle.

In 2017, when an oblivious jogger shoved a woman into the path of an oncoming London bus, the incident was caught on surveillance video and the whole country asked how? Why? The man was never identified or apprehended so the questions linger, even now.

This event is the inspiration for Sonya Kelly’s play, Once Upon a Bridge, which was commissioned by the Druid Theatre Company and debuted virtually during the pandemic in Galway. Now American Players Theatre has mounted the American premiere of the compelling three-hander, which runs in the indoor Touchstone Theatre through Oct. 7.

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