Quick Chats: Bri Humke

Posted November 1, 2022

Bri Quick Chatfinal

Bri Humke can do it all. From House Management to Stage Management, you have definitely seen her work in action here at American Players Theatre. Lucky for us, Bri found some time in her busy schedule to sit down and talk about her time at APT. This week on Quick Chats, we're talking about balancing responsibilities, Stones in His Pockets, and go-to coffee orders. Read on for more!

APT: Hey, Bri! Thanks for chatting today! How's your autumn going?
Bri Humke: My autumn is going really well! I have been able to take some time to enjoy the changing of the seasons. I am still keeping busy with APT! Running around doing some tours, swinging for wardrobe, and on house management. Also, trying to squeeze in time with friends before the end of the season hits and they all drift away to where they came from. I am also preparing to switch back to stage management land for Stones in his Pockets.

APT: So, you have been both an assistant stage manager as well as the assistant house manager this season. Can you share a little bit about how those two positions relate?
Bri Humke: House management and stage management are really close to the same job, just on different sides of a stage. House deals with the patrons during shows and stage working with the actors, production assistants, and wardrobe crews. Both are demanding, but fun jobs as it requires you to be ready for anything to happen that might stop the show from continuing. Stage management just has a lot more paperwork attached to it, and house management is a lot more thinking on your feet to fix different problems that come up every single day.

APT: In many ways for you, APT is a family affair. What was your first memory of American Players Theatre?
Bri Humke: The first time I actually came to APT was in 2007, I don’t know in what order I saw the shows but, I know I saw Timon of Athens and The Night of the Iguana. I was mesmerized for sure. I still have a vivid memory of both of these shows. Since then, I have seen at least one show each season and started working here in 2015.

APT: What’s been a favorite memory from this past season - as a stage manager as well as an assistant house manager?
Bri Humke: On the stage management side, it would have to be dancing backstage during tech. There is a ball in Sense and Sensibility and of course, there is a dance, and after watching it all the time in rehearsal you just pick up the dance moves. So, every time we hit the dance, me and my other ASM Kenji would dance along to it. I continued it on at the top of aisle five even once I switched over to house management.

On the house management side, it is difficult since every day that you come into work there will be something new and unexpected to deal with, every audience is different. Though this summer we did have some fabulous extra patrons watching the show like our raccoon that continuously was trying to get on the stage, and under the audience's legs. We definitely got our quiet exercise in, trying to run him into the woods behind the audience without them seeing us. His name was Ricky and was eventually safely captured and taken to a new home.

APT: When you’re not working here, what do you like to do in your free time?
Bri Humke: I use my free time in varying ways. I always love a good book. I am currently in the middle of about 4 different books. I sew for fun and to keep up my skills. I am also an avid friend-haver. If I can hang out with my friends, I will be there. I always try to find people who don’t drain my social battery. This summer I definitely found those humans. In the theatre world, it is very important to make your coworkers your friends as you never know when you will next be working with them, and it’s always nice to see a friendly face at a new theatre.

APT: That's wonderful! Bri, here's your Wild Card Question: since you are an avid coffee drinker and a busy individual, please give us your coffee order so we have as much energy as you.
Bri Humke: My go-to coffee order is a split question. If it's at a place I have never been to I always order a mocha; usually those can’t really be messed up, and it is always interesting to see how each coffee shop has its own twist to it. Otherwise, my ultimate favorite order is specifically from McDonald’s, and that is a Large Iced Caramel Coffee, of course! It is the only correct answer and there is no arguing with me about it.

APT: I'm sure we'll all give it a try! Anything else you'd like to add?
Bri Humke: I always attribute my time at APT to Cari Stebbins. She is the first person who hired me here, trained me, and has let me fall back on House Staff time and time again when I needed it. Plus, my parents for bringing me to APT in the first place and allowing me to think of a life in the theatre as an actual career option.