In the Wake of Our Shadow: Black Voices, Episode 1

Posted February 16, 2022

In The Wake Of Our Shadow Web 01

Listen to the first episode of the podcast here!

In the Wake of Our Shadow: Black Voices is a monthly podcast featuring Core Company member Gavin Lawrence. Each episode, Gavin is joined by African American artists - from playwrights to actors, from poets to choreographers, from directors to designers, this podcast explores the lives and careers of dynamic artists, and continues the timely conversation about who and what determines the validity of a work of art. Through whose lens do we deem a play, a poem, a song, a dance worthy, and finally - what makes a work of art a classic?

This week, actor, songstress, and author Greta Oglesby joins Gavin on the pod, tracing her journey from accountant to acclaimed theatre artist of the American stage. From her first audition when she sang with her eyes closed to a phone call from the great August Wilson asking her to originate a role in his new play, Gem Of the Ocean, Greta's story is funny, moving, and deeply inspiring. Listen here, and subscribe on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.