Feature: Bigger casts and an American premiere at American Players Theatre

Posted May 25, 2023


By Gwendolyn Rice, Isthmus

To say that American Players Theatre’s artistic director Brenda DeVita and managing director Sara Young are excited about the company’s upcoming 44th season is an understatement.

“We had an incredibly exciting first day of rehearsal,” DeVita says in a recent interview. “The vibe is great. Everyone is game. They’re open to new experiences. We’re having amazing conversations already about who we are and what we want to accomplish this season.” This burst of energy in our conversation was a marked change from the last time we spoke, in December 2022, after a physically and emotionally draining season for APT, with the staff trying to stay one step ahead of the COVID-19 virus.

“We definitely needed some time to recover after last year,” says Young. “The stress of coming through the pandemic and then welcoming audiences back while trying to keep everyone safe and healthy — it was unlike anything we could have imagined. And it took a toll on all of us, but particularly on the stage management team and our understudies.”

But after a few months to rest and regroup, the unofficial theme for the theater in 2023 is “bigger and better.” Those improvements and changes will be immediately apparent for audiences returning to APT for a season of performances in the woods.

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