Education Quick Chat, Part 2: The Classroom Perspective

Posted December 17, 2018

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In part two of our Quick Chat Education Miniseries, we hear from a teacher and students from Rhinelander, Wisconsin who've worked with Education Director, David Daniel (if you missed his recent interview, you can read it here) and have a little something to say about their experiences. Enjoy!

Words from the head of the class...

Dear David Daniel,

Thank you for the second year of amazingness that you provided for my students and my life. The week that you spent in our school was, again, beyond description. You have such a gift with kids and adults and it's so incredible to watch. You again reminded me what is possible in the classroom. Your energy, your knowledge, your expertise, your ability to interact with and read the students' body language and facial expressions are all traits I emulate. 

Your presence here strengthened the bridges and relationships we started building among the school district, the students, the parents and the community. These relationships will continue to grow, and I am proud to be part of them and in the midst of them.

Thank you! - Kristin Higgins, SDR Teacher, Rhinelander School District

Word from the students...

“Last week was one of the best weeks I have had in school. You taught us not what poetry is but what it could be with great enthusiasm.” – Joseph

“Dear Mr 'Big D' Daniel, I wanted you to know that you inspired me to be a better person and conquer my fears of stagefright. You are awesome and funny and have a really good southern accent!” – Gavin 

“Before we acted out the poem you read to us, I didn’t understand what the poem was about. You showed us that poetry is about expressing our emotions. You made us laugh and also feel embarrassed, but it made us get out of our comfort zones and have fun.” - Kaylee

“You made the entire week fun, and got us all to participate….Making everyone participate made them more aware and involved in the lesson. I think your way of teaching was amazing and helped the entire 8th grade, not just in this class. We realize it’s not a bad thing to volunteer in other classes.” – Rachel G.  

“Normally I wouldn’t raise my hand to participate in any group discussion and when you were here I was actively trying to be a part of the conversation.” – Phoebe

“I am so grateful that you were able to come and teach us 'What Is Poetry?' I learned so much, like how poetry is set up, what poetry can and cannot be, I learned all of the different types of poetry there is as well. I learned that poetry can be one sentence or even, like, a big fat book!” - Sophia 

“I really liked the way you broke down the poem and made it almost like a play. That really helped me understand it better and learn more about poetry. I also liked the way you taught us that some poems can have multiple meanings.” – Annalyse

“I now know how to make a small incision and crawl inside the cuts of the poem!! (take apart the poem and determine what each sentence means)” – Riley 

“You changed my thinking of poetry. I think it’s so much more than I used to think! It’s creative and has so much meaning” - Olivia

“Poetry to me is something that is taken from someone’s brain or heart and is turned into a masterpiece that is shared with everyone around the world.” – Megan

“Last week was the most enjoyable week of English I’ve ever had. Thanks to you I will read poetry and other genres of writing with my imagination.” – Abby S.