Athol Fugard

Athol Fugard has been working in the theater as a playwright, director, and actor since the mid-fifties in South Africa, England and the United States. His plays include: No-Good Friday; Non-Gogo; Blood Knot; Hello and Goodbye; People are Living There; Boesman and Lena; Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act; Sizwe Banzi is Dead; Dimetos; The Island; A Lesson From Aloes; Master Harold...and the Boys; The Road to Mecca; A Place with the Pigs; My Children! My Africa!; Playland; Valley Song; The Captain's Tiger; Sorrows and Rejoicings and, his most recent play, Exits and Entrances. He has been seen on stage in South Africa, London, Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional theatre in the U.S. Film credits include The Road to Mecca, Gandhi, The Killing Fields, Meetings With Remarkable Men, Marigolds in August, Boseman and Lena and The Guest. He has written the novel Tsotsi which is currently being filmed in South Africa, and his autobiographical memoirs, Cousin.