Parent, performer - it's a tricky dual role

Posted April 5, 2020


APT Actor Tracy Michelle Arnold, along with other actors around the country, discuss how they're on balancing family and art while remaining at home.

Below you'll find an excerpt from Tracy's interview. You can read the full article here.

Extending family
Acting and parenting are two tough jobs. Tracy Michelle Arnold excels at both. She recently portrayed the hard-pressed editor in the Asolo Rep’s production of “The Lifespan of a Fact.” She’s also the proud mother of Gus Truschinski. Marcus Truschinski is his devoted father — Tracy’s husband, and a fellow actor at the American Players Theatre (APT) in Spring Green, Wis. Their roles as parents and performers were inseparable from the beginning.

“We were performing together in ‘As You Like It’ when I got pregnant,” says Tracy. “I kept acting throughout my pregnancy and closed my last show just a few weeks before our son was born.”