Shop Talk: Costume Director Scott Rött

Posted April 16, 2020

Ghost  Costume  Shop Marquee

In this week's Shop Talk, Costume Director Scott Rött tells us about his job, and how he's contributing while remaining Safer at Home.


APT: Tell us a little about what a costume director does (in normal times)?
Scott: As Costume Director in the off season I work on interviewing and hiring  the 35 costume shop positions, I work with the designers for the coming season figuring out when we need each of them in the shop and for how long, evaluate the build for each show, source fabric, getting bids for job outs (when we have things built outside our shop), ordering supplies for the summer and lots of planning and cleaning and organizing. In season it’s about overseeing the day to day operation of the shop – supervising the staff, scheduling fittings, keep the build on schedule,  attending meetings – (Production meetings, Shop meetings, Draper meetings, Assistant meetings, Staff meetings) and attending Dress Rehearsals among other things.

APT: What made you decide to start sewing masks?
Scott: I had been seeing costume shops around the country doing this and was wondering how to get involved. Michael Broh actually suggested it as something the Year Round Staff of APT might be interested in having.

APT: How many masks have you made, and how are they getting to people? 
Scott: So far I have made about 60 masks and Michael has been coordinating getting them to the people who need them. We also had a few go to a local Day Care and I have had a request to make them for the Social Work Department at Meritor Hospital in Madison.

APT: What materials are you using to make them? 
Scott: They are made from Pre-washed cotton broadcloth and ¼” elastic – both things that we have in stock in the shop as a basic supply.

You can find the pattern Scott uses for his masks here