Next Great Stage Details

The following is a summary of the Next Great Stage project. Some items may change, so check this space  for the latest details and developments.

The Stage

  • Rebuild the stage and stage walls, and reinforce with steel.
  • Add trapped areas to the stage. (parts of the stage floor that can be removed to accommodate scenic elements).
  • Add infrastructure for a lift system (that will be added at a future date).
  • Improve infrastructure and equipment for stage lighting.
  • Re-wire electricity for efficiency and safety.
  • Enhance berms and plantings to create additional acting areas around the stage.


  • Triple the scenery storage area for the current season’s plays.
  • Add space for long-term scenery storage.
  • Add kitchen facilities near the stage to facilitate running props.
  • Add protected, rodent-free storage for soft goods (blankets, pillows, window treatments, etc.)
  • Add at-grade space backstage to improve traffic patterns for actors, crew and scenery (currently actors and scenery must go up and down stairs to get from one side of the stage to the other).
  • Add work spaces to increase efficiency for crew members.

Dressing Room

  • Expand and remodel, doubling the size of the current dressing room and increasing the number of dressing bays from 34 to 45.
  • Expand restroom and shower facilities and move into the dressing room building.
  • Renovate current restroom facilities into a laundry/wardrobe room.


  • Add hand railings
  • Add a loop system to improve assistive listening for patrons
  • Improve acoustics by adjusting stage walls and other surfaces around the theater.
  • Improve sightlines by moving some aisles and select seats.


  • Add a shuttle shelter.
  • Build a family restroom.
  • Add a patron service window to more easily serve patrons
  • Increase covered areas in the lobby for inclement weather.
  • Change the grade and surface so it is entirely ADA accessible.
  • Add landscaping and features to improve traffic flow.

Rehearsal Hall

  • Build three new rehearsal studios.
  • Provides each production an appropriately sized, dedicated rehearsal space.
  • Provides flexibility in scheduling multiple rehearsals at the same time.
  • Adds efficiency for the stage management staff

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In addition to our gratitude, we are proud to offer recognition for your gift with the following:

For a contribution of $1,000, your name will be inscribed on a seat plaque in the theater.

For a contribution of $2,500, your name or inscription will be placed on a paver in the theater lobby.

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