Back to the Woods Campaign

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Help APT Get Back to the Woods

In July, we launched the “Back to the Woods” Campaign, an ambitious plan to sustain operations through the year and launch a season in 2021. As always, you were immediately on board. Your gifts through the year have allowed us to keep basic operations going.

Beyond that, our artists have been able to keep telling stories: recording poetry from their kitchens, telling their personal stories Six Feet Apart, mastering the uncharted power of Zoom so that it soothed our longing for the Hill. With your continued support, we will be back on the Hill and in the Touchstone just as soon as it is safe.

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There’s still a long way to go before we’re on steady ground, but with your undaunted support we know we can get there, and return next summer as the APT you know and love.

Ways to Give

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Video: Artistic Director Brenda DeVita on the Back to the Woods Campaign