Four Packs on the Hill

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Four Packs on the Hill

4 Tickets, $119 | Select Dates | Very Fine Seating

The only thing better than a play in the woods is sharing it with three of your favorite playgoers. Our deeply discounted Four Pack is back this season on select dates, so start planning your summer while saving some cash. 

Please note: To ensure you are ordering seats that qualify for the Four Pack discount, make sure Very Fine is the only seating level selected when adding four tickets to your cart, and that you've selected one of the dates below.

2021 Summer Season Four Pack Dates

On Sale Now:
An Improbable Fiction

Best Availability: June 9 (evening), Friday, June 11 (evening) and Sunday June 20 (matinee).
Sold Out: June 3 (evening), June 12 (matinee), June 15 (evening). 

Rough Crossing
Best Availability: Friday, July 9 (evening - Mask Required Performance), Thursday, July 29th (Evening), Wednesday, August 4th (evening)
Limited Availability: July 10 (matinee), July 14 (evening), July 25 (matinee), July 27 (evening).

Tickets for Cymbeline will go on sale 3 - 4 weeks before the first performance.
Cymbeline: August 17 (evening), August 22 (matinee), August 26 (evening), September 4 (matinee).

Dates are subject to change based on availability. Package valid only on select dates in the Very Fine seating level. All four tickets must be for the same performance. Packaged tickets may be exchanged as a group to another eligible date in the Very Fine seating level at no charge. Exchanges for individual tickets or to a date or seating level that does not qualify for Four Pack pricing may be made, provided the difference in price is paid for all four tickets.

Thanks to the MGE Foundation for their generous support of this program.