Redeeming Your Play Pass

After you have purchased your Play Passes, they will be attached to your account with us. We will notify you when the APT schedule is set and Play Passes are available to be redeemed for specific tickets.

At that point, you may either redeem them online or by phone.

To redeem online:  Log in to your account at and add the seats for the performances you’d like to attend to your cart. Any seats that your Play Passes are valid for will be changed to a $0.00 price. You may then complete the sale and have the tickets mailed to you or held at the box office.

To redeem by phone: Call the box office at 608-588-2361. If you have specific accessibility needs we recommend redeeming Play Passes by calling the box office.

As a reminder, the types of seats valid for each type of Play Pass are:

Thrifty Pass

  • Very Fine (green) seats for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday performances
  • Very Fine (green) seats for Friday morning performances

Standard Pass

  • Prime (red) or Very Fine (green) seats for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday performances
  • Prime (red) or Very Fine (green) seats for Saturday matinee performances
  • Very Fine (green) seats for Saturday evening performances

All-Access Pass

  • Stage Circle (purple), Exceptional (yellow), Prime (red), or Very Fine (green) seats for any performance

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 608-588-9207 with any questions or concerns.

Watch our website and your email for information on when passes can be redeemed. Play Passes are non-refundable. Passes can be redeemed in the 2021 season for individual tickets, subject to availability, once regular season tickets are back on sale. Play Passes will also be valid for plays in 2020 should we be able to produce later in the year. Passes expire at the end of the 2021 season.