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"APT has a festive, near-Edenic feel. When you go there, you know you're not at home."

The Wall Street Journal

The poetry of nature

Our Theatre sets a stage of abundance. Its natural splendor stops us, breathless, whether we’re pondering a starlit sky, or diving into a play, wrapped in the thrill of its words and its ways. The stories, the setting, the poetry, the players - they lure us on to this great adventure. Fill us with that euphoric, sun-on-shoulders feeling. 

There are worlds within worlds here, so make the most of your time and explore all that APT has to offer, on stage and off. 

Our Theatres

American Players Theatre

OUR Mission

American Players Theatre’s mission is to perform timeless, challenging, poetic texts, with Shakespeare at the center, to the broadest audience possible. We strive to share our understanding that great poetry and stories, both from our past and from the emerging voices of our future, can illuminate the ever expanding experience of what it is to be human.

Our Values

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The Play Around the Play

There's more to APT than just the play. Be sure to check out our perks and traditions, various and sundry.

With 110 acres at our disposal, patrons enjoy strolling the walking trails. 

Indulge in Events

Every year brings a new set of special events at APT, like our Shakespeare Vigil, which celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Bard's legacy.

Feast and Fare

The play may be the thing, but picnicking on the grounds is the thing to do before the thing. 

American Players Theatre

Photo Gallery

Macbeth, 2019.

Death of a Salesman, 2016

August Wilson's Fences, 2019.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, 2017

Twelfth Night, 2019.

Exit the King, 2018

August Wilson's Fences Play Talk, 2019.

As You Like It, 2018

A View From the Bridge, 2017

A Doll's House, 2019.

David Daniel leads an education workshop

The African Company Presents Richard III, 2016

APT Core Production Staff

Born Yesterday, 2018

A Flea in Her Ear, 2017

Lights & Sound

Our Country's Good, 2018

The Magic of APT

Artistic Director Brenda DeVita describes what makes a visit to American Players Theatre so special.