Pay-What-You-Like Performance of 'Blood Knot' and Panel Discussion

Blood Knot Banner One

Sunday, August 12 at 12:00 pm
Tickets $30 online | Call the APT Box Office to Pay What You Like

This performance is currently sold out. Please call the Box Office at 608.588.2361 for information and updates.

APT has added a pay-what-you-like performance of Athol Fugard’s apartheid-era play Blood Knot in the Touchstone Theatre on Sunday, August 12 at noon. A panel discussion will immediately follow the performance, including award-winning actor Stephen McKinley Henderson; Author and Arts Engagement Expert Donna Walker-Kuhne; Journalist and Theatre Critic, Kelundra Smith; and Theatre Scholar Khalid Yaya Long. The discussion will be moderated by Jerald Raymond Pierce, author of A Casting Controversy Tangled Up in ‘Blood Knot,’ published in American Theatre Magazine.

Artistic Director Brenda DeVita said, “We want everyone to see this production of Blood Knot. As many people as possible. We also know that cost can stand in the way of art sometimes, and this is an attempt to break down that barrier. My hope is that this special performance and panel helps continue the conversation around this complex and powerful play.” 

Tickets to the August 12 performance of Blood Knot can be purchased online for $30. Pay-what-you-like tickets are available only by calling the APT Box Office at 608-588-2361. The suggested ticket price is $30, but any amount will be accepted (including $0.00).