Painting based on John Singer Sargent’s
“Lady Macbeth”
Alicia Rheal“I have, for decades, been absolutely in love with the work of John Singer Sargent. So, when presented with the opportunity to produce a public piece of work that represents ‘the Classics,’ I knew immediately that I wanted to try my hand at creating a master copy of Sargent’s breathtaking 1889 painting of actress Ellen Terry playing the role of Lady Macbeth. The painting of this piece, for me, was a great lesson. I was able to learn so much more about his use of light and sense of color and atmosphere, than I had ever learned by simply staring at his paintings. Inspired by this project, my next series of paintings will be in this style, but of the wonderful, strong, talented women that I paint alongside of every day.”


Laser-Cut Acrylic
Mindy Burger“Fifteen lanterns shine through the APT woods, guiding theatergoers down the Hill after each show. (Lanterns are a signal that others have come before you to light your way.) Each lantern glows with a laser-cut symbol referencing the Kalevala, the ancient epic poem of the Finns. These stories, chanted on long Arctic nights, were eventually written down and became a touchstone of Finnish culture.”


Aluminum with Powder Coat Paint
Andrée Valley “Four metal 'plants' represent the fictional plant, Triffid. Triffids are valued as an industrial source of oil in the 1951 John Wyndam novel, ‘The Day of the Triffids.’ In the novel, they also have a sinister side, are venomous and will maim people. However, these sculptures reflect a fictional brighter side of their nature.” 


Pine Sculpture
Peter Krsko“The literal meaning of 'genera' refers to a group of things that share similar characteristics and can be further differentiated and divided into subgroups. It is a result of the human need to classify and organize knowledge in order to understand how the world works. When you walk through the sculpture, think of nature as one organism with human species being just an element in its huge body.”


Stainless Steel Sculpture
Tom Montemurro
“I am inspired by all types of movement, mechanical and natural. Animals, birds, wind, waves…in my mind, sculpture and nature go hand-in-hand, as do sculpture and theater. Both encourage one to think of old problems in new ways. Sculpture and theater represent humanity’s eternal search for meaning and relevancy in all that surrounds us. Additionally, art, nature and theater provide meaningful perspective, and sometimes distraction, to the petty circumstances of life.”


Painted Fabric Sculpture
Jenie Gao“Portal is like a life-size book. It takes the intimacy of a book and scales it to a spatial and social experience. It is a book whose scale compromises its ability to be private, creating an intimate space in the midst of its public presence. People can peer through the tunnel book, or run, crawl, roll and dance while traveling through its pages. It takes a person’s full range of motion to be able to maneuver its pages and travel between the tunnel layers. It takes a sense of wonder and play to truly appreciate–and not just spectate–on what this project is about.”


Steel, Copper & Stone Sculpture
Dennis Robert“Blue Leaf is directly inspired by the evolving nature of trees and leaves. Each individual leaf is unique in shape, color and pattern. Utilizing the existing leaf pattern and interpreting it into individual shapes, I wanted to express the natural cycle of leaves as they change color and fall from the trees. As they slowly go back to the earth they start to lose their mass, yet the basic shape and vein structure remain, as they are the last to go. The blue represents the sky from which they seem to fall and the rust patina is the process of the leaf returning back to the earth.”