Artist Bios

APT is thrilled to announce the artists and works that will be included in the Art in the Woods exhibition.

Alicia "Decoy" Cosnahan, Oikos
Alicia Cosnahan is an artist who creates under the moniker DECOY. Cosnahan was born near Brussels, Belgium, and spent most of her childhood in the villages of Europe. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Berry College in Rome, GA, in 2001, and also studied at Studio Arts Centers International and Fuji Studios both of Florence, Italy. Her art reflects daily situations, people and places and their interactions. In the past few years her work has been featured in: Modern Luxury, Capitol File, Worn Magazine, BBC World News, The Washington Post, NPR and many more. Cosnahan’s work can be found in public spaces, corporate and private collections.

"This installation titled 'Oikos' creates a home inside a home. A resting spot where the observer can absorb being one with nature. A tranquil space where one feels right at home. The word ECO comes from the Greek word oikos meaning "household".

Our bedrooms are where we spend time regenerating, resting and refreshing. A place where we can just lay down, close our eyes, and dream: a special sanctuary. HOME and EARTH are one. This living, breathing eco-system is where we live.

The installation will use recycled lumber to recreate a bedroom consisting of a handmade twin bed, headboard, wooden carved pillow and wooden painted quilt that will appear as if it was draped over the bed. In addition, a lamp on a side table (battery powered) will appear to be plugged into a tree as if receiving power from nature."

Thomas Ferrella, 1 World
Thomas Ferrella is an untethered, auto-didact, visual and performance artist who resides in Madison, WI. He has participated in a Carl Wilkens fellowship. In 2016, TIME nominated him for a “can’t miss” photography show at the Gage Gallery [Chicago]. Ferrella won an NBC award for his 30-year photo-documentary work of roadside memorials titled NOT FORGOTTEN. In 2017, Ferrella premiered his One World project in Camaguey, Cuba. Ferrella recently completed and performed his third film, ghost wars, with Aaron Granat and his band You Of All People at Elastic Arts Studio [Chicago]. He is also known in small circles for running in Madison. Major accolades to fellow artist and maestro, Enrique Rueda, who has been instrumental in lending his engineering skills, time and cherished opinions to the success of this installation

"In particular, boundaries such as race, sex, skin color, age... characteristics we process as our differences. By eliminating these differences, I am encouraging the viewer to consider the essence of our similarities and how these boundaries and most boundaries, especially tribal ones including religion, countries, states, ethnicity are simply hindrances to an all-welcoming society."

John Himmelfarb, KB-3 & Deadline
John Himmelfarb is an American artist living and working in Spring Green, WI, and Chicago, IL. He has exhibited widely in the United States since the late 1960s and his work is in many museum collections here and abroad. Himmelfarb’s artistic output includes drawings, paintings, prints, and 3D works. Trucks have often figured in his art, including several full-size truck sculptures like KB-3.

"Himmelfarb's 'Trucks' series represents a most improbable journey. It began unexpectedly one day after seeing a Dubuffet painting at the Art Institute of Chicago. A new series was born, which would expand to include drawings, prints, and sculpture employing ceramics, wood, cast iron, steel, and eventually, 25-foot, drivable assemblages incorporating actual trucks."

Peter Krsko, Untitled (Scaffold)
Peter Krsko observes nature and creates objects and experiences to share his observations. His approach combines science and art; participatory, interactive and community arts; and play with hands-on education. In 2006, while working on a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Materials Science, Krsko discovered a way to use a traditional scanning electron microscope as a focused electron beam lithography instrument, enabling him to create artwork viewable only with a microscope. Krsko now creates collaborative and community public art, such as sculptures and murals, inspired by biological concepts of diversity, differentiation, participation and co-ownership.

"The material chosen for the construction represents the deconstruction of a tree. Its trunk is cut up into 2x2 inch boards fastened together into a grid. This composition creates a frame for the viewer to view the surrounding trees and nature. The audience is encouraged to view the sculpture from the outside as well as from the inside. The sculpture creates a connective link between the picnic table (the audience) and the surrounding living nature. It connects as well as contrasts human culture and nature. It frames the space and creates a new environment within the existing environment."

John C. Pahlas, The Toll
John is a 5th generation visual artist, who received his BFA from UW Oshkosh and currently co-owns Center Ground Studios in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin where he and his wife specialize in custom steel sculpture and pottery. John was encouraged at a young age to learn the processes involved in steel fabrication at his parents’ blacksmithing shop in Ripon, Wisconsin. John quickly began taking scrap parts from his parents’ custom work and welding them into sculptural forms. Still at it to this day, he strives to create one of a kind work that can be found in corporate buildings, private homes, and public spaces.

"Bells emit a ceremonious sound that spans across cultures, ideologies & the ages. From worshipping deities to memorializing the dead, the vibrations that echo off the metal surface of a bell tap into a deep ancestral place in our minds where evil is vanquished, negative energy is distilled & the souls of lost loved ones reside eternally. The Toll is a modern bell for a modern world riddled with profound social upheavals, universal grief, war, pandemics…If ever there was a time in history where the sacred vibrations of a bell were desperately needed, it is now. Made from discarded steel scraps, this 'vibration station's' sole function is to rattle the dust and decay of this modern world loose from our souls and help bring solace to minds hobbled by loss, uncertainty, compassion fatigue and the myriad of negativity that so easily layers onto the human mind."

Katie Schutte, Recursive
Katie Schutte was born and raised in Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Kent State University in 2006 and her Master of Fine Art from Miami University in 2011. She had a solo show at the Nohr Gallery on UW-Platteville’s campus, and her work was included in Envision Arts’ digital exhibition Art in Isolation: A Contemporary Collective, in the book Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design, and in the 2021 DuMA Biennial at the Dubuque Museum of Art. Currently, she lives in the Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin with her husband and a collection of cats.

"Uniting unrelated areas of artistry is the main catalyst behind my work. I focus on utilizing crochet techniques as methods for working with materials and processes associated with painting, sculpture, and jewelry. My art is often informed by how crochet can be governed by the same mathematical principles and systems commonly found in nature. The technique seems to mimic various biological processes such as cell growth and reproduction. I have used crochet extensively to create forms reminiscent of existing organisms. Much of my art comes from and exists because of nature. However, while I may include the creational aspects of nature in my art, I have yet to let the results thrive beyond artificial human-controlled arenas. With Recursive, a large-scale crocheted 'organism' made in the spirit of natural and biological systems, I had the opportunity to create nature-derived art that dwells in the environment that inspired it."

Dennis Robert, Blue Autumn
Drawn to the natural shapes and textures of rocks and the ability to shape and form metal, Dennis Robert’s sculptures show a connection with nature. His process utilizes metal and stone with the materials bound together either through design, application or physical form. Based in Milwaukee Dennis’ work has received national awards and is represented by galleries in Chicago, Scottsdale and Milwaukee. This is his second sculpture for American Players Theatre.

"This sculpture consists of three standing leaves on tall stems with a large piece of raw blue glass in the center of each leaf on a base of river rocks. The design of this sculpture is similar to what happens to leaves in autumn when they fall to the ground and begin to decompose. The surface has begun to wear away leaving only the abstract patterns of the veins remaining. The multiple openings in the leaves will allow you see through them into the background. The golden rust patina on the metal leaves represents the leaves in fall and the raw glass represents the blue sky."