Student Matinee Series

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The 2020 Hill season may be cancelled, but we still have engaging resources available for teachers. The following play readings, which were read live and recorded on Zoom, are available for educators wishing to use them in their classrooms. Each reading comes with a virtual workshop conducted by a trained APT Teaching Artist. 

Request your play readings via this Google Document. (Please note: You must be tagged as an Educator in your APT account. If you have not done that, but would like to, please contact

As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Directed by John Langs
A quite-nearly-perfect Shakespearean comedy, featuring one of his greatest heroines. As sure as anything to make you feel like you're at home in our woods for an evening.

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
Directed by Stephen Brown-Fried
Growing unease over Caesar's popularity spreads through Rome, spurring good people to do terrible deeds. A riveting political thriller about blood spilled in the name of the republic, and hands that hold the blades.

The Bear; On the Harmfulness of Tobacco; The Proposal
By Anton Chekhov
Adapted & Translated by John Wyatt.
Directed by Aaron Posner.
Three one-act plays about the complexities of love and life; marriage and moving on, originally produced on the APT Hill Stage in 1985 and 1986.

Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been...
By Carlyle Brown. 
Directed by David Daniel.
Writer and activist Langston Hughes faces down his fears by writing a poem on the eve of his appearance before the Senate Permanent-Sub-Committee on Investigations on Un-American Activities.

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